Should I insulate my basement? Why would this be important to do?

It is pretty common for someone to insulate a basement. Insulating a basement has the same benefits as insulating your walls, floors and roof. We believe that your entire home should be well insulated. This includes everything from your roof to your basement.

When you’ve gone through the steps of professionally insulating your entire home with quality grade insulation and you used air sealant throughout the house is always best to finish what you started and insulate the bottom floor of your house.

Just like if your attic was not insulated, air would easily escape from your basement. When a room is not properly insulated its core temperature cannot be kept regulated as easy. Heating and cooling devices work overtime to keep the set temperature stable. During the summer cool air escapes and hot air gets in and during the winter heat escapes and the cold air gets in.

This escape of temperature will cost you hundreds extra in energy bills. To avoid this extra expense year-round you want to invest in insulating your entire home. This includes the basement. Basements have a reputation for being damp and cold. This is because they absorb the underground temperature on the exterior wall. When the exterior wall has no barrier between it and the interior wall this cold dampness comes through and create unpleasant atmosphere.

Basement insulation is especially important if you use your bottom floor on a regular basis. Some homeowners choose not to use their basement and simply insulate their floor instead, but for those who will be using your basement for recreational purposes, an extra room or even as a laundry room insulation is a must.

Insulation in a basement is applied over the concrete wall and is then covered over with the homeowners desired wall surface such as paneling. This process is done the same in any other room of your house and after the installation is covered over you will have a clean polished look and a fully functioning basement.

Even though insulating your basement is an extra expense, in the long run it’s going to save you a lot of money. Each year you have the opportunity save as much as 40% on heating and cooling costs and an insulated basement will help you reach your energy-saving potential. In the long run you will save hundreds of dollars a year. Plus, if you ever choose to sell your property it will be worth that much more. Growing families are always interested in moving into home with a finished basement. This gives them room to grow and room for the children to play.

In addition to saving energy, insulating your basement will benefit the overall health and safety of your family. In some cases insulated basement is more fire resistant than an uninsulated one. As we have mentioned about the rest of your house, properly installed installation effectively keeps out both bugs and rodents. You and your family will be a much more comfortable knowing you are safe from the outside elements and you will enjoy an extra room with unlimited potential.