Where Can I Use Spray Foam Insulation?

Even if you’re familiar with spray foam insulation, you might not realize that there are many areas inside your home where it can be used. Whether you want to completely renovate your Niagara home or simply wish to remodel certain rooms or areas, this type of insulation has many uses. The closed cell variety can even be used in some exterior applications.

Most people associated foam insulation with attics, although there are other places in which it can be used as well. Here is a guide to some useful applications for foam spray.


Since polyurethane foam is applied as a spray, it can be used to cover a broad surface quickly. It has the ability to seal even the smallest of cracks and holes. The open cell variety can reduce airborne sound transmission between walls. Closed cell foam acts as a moisture barrier and keeps humidity from entering rooms.


Closed cell spray foam can be applied on the roof of your home. It’s an excellent choice for insulating needs, and provides benefits such as improved energy efficiency and stronger resistance to the elements. If applied properly, the lifespan of a spray foam roof can last for thirty years or more. It is both a lightweight and highly durable material. After the SPF has been applied to the ideal thickness and specifications, a protective layer of gravel or elastomeric coating can be applied for additional weather resistance.


The basement of a home is susceptible to problems such as dampness, mold, insects, rodents, etc. Protect your basement with all of these problems with spray foam insulation on the walls, ceiling, and around the doors and windows. Insulating the basement properly with spray foam helps to prevent moisture from coming in and mold from forming. Even if you don’t use your basement or enter it very often, you should still not neglect it when insulating your home.

Crawl Spaces

A crawl space isn’t the easiest part of the house to insulate. A number of things can go wrong if it’s not done properly and/or the wrong material is used. Many people find spray foam to be ideal, since it has consistent adhesive characteristics and allows for a seamless bond with the substrate. If you have it professionally applied, you can expect benefits such as increased durability of the walls and ceiling of the crawlspace as well as even floor temperatures. It also promotes circulation of clean air inside the entire home.


There are a variety of ways in which spray foam insulation Niagara can be applied in home attics. It can be used on the floor, rafters, or combined with other types of installation. It can provide a high R-value and make an effective air barrier. It not only improves energy performance, it also decreases the potential for moisture or water damage that can be caused from ice dams. In addition to insulation, foam spray can be used to seal small cracks in the attic.

These are the most common applications for spray foam insulation. Correct application is a complex process, and therefore should be installed only by experienced professionals. Home Insulation professionals in Niagara will help you decide which areas in your home or building will benefit the most from spray foam insulation.