What benefits can I expect if I invest in spray foam insulation?

Residents and businesses in Brampton are always looking for ways to save on their energy costs. Not only will spray foam insulation help you do just that, it will provide you with other benefits as well. Despite the initial cost, which tends to be higher than that of other types of insulation, you will find that spray foam pays for itself overtime.

Here is a look at the benefits provided by properly installed spray foam insulation.

  • It works rather effectively as an air sealant. Air leaks are common in a variety of areas, including attic hatches, plumbing vents, wiring holes, basement doors and windows, around duct chase-ways, open soffits, random cracks from damages in the structure, etc. These leaks can drive up the energy costs. Spray foam can be used to fill in many of these gaps and prevent the leaks.
  • It helps to reduce humidity. When there are gaps around the house, the humidity level increases. High humidity compromises the quality of the air and results in mold and wood rot. This can potentially lead to health problems for the inhabitants. Using this type of insulation will prevent humidity and stop the growth of mold. You will experience an improvement in air quality and allergy sufferers in your home will finally get some relief.
  • It provides structural strength.  Polyurethane foam conforms to the surface on which it is sprayed. It does not require any type of metal fastening, as it bonds itself. Its layer is seamless and consistent, and prevents water from seeping in through weak spots. Closed spray foam can even be used to protect the roof. When applied in a sloped manner, it allows water to drain off the roof.
  • A smoke/fire barrier is formed. This can be used as a fire-blocking foam, as it blocks the flow of oxygen and slows down the spread of flames from one place to another. With this ability, spray foam not only helps to save lives, it also prevents structural damage from fire and the costs associated with it.
  • Insects and rodents are kept out. Pests should stay outside, where they belong. One way to assure this is to fill in all the cracks and gaps with spray foam. It will protect the interior of a home from all pests. It can be sprayed anywhere, from baseboards to interior pipes.
  • Noise levels are reduced. Both types of spray foam, closed cell and open cell, are effective for decreasing noise from outside sources, as they seal the cracks that enable sound to travel through walls. Open cell foam is particularly ideal for sound-proofing the interior of a home by reducing sound levels emitting from media rooms and home offices.
  • Spray polyurethane foam insulation contains no harmful chemicals. You won’t have to worry about any potentially harmful chemicals being released in the air with this type of insulation. It contains no volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, hydro chloro fluoro carbons, or anything else that would be considered toxic.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of spray foam insulation Brampton is that it can last for decades. If installed properly, it may even last the lifetime of your home or building.