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Roof insulation in Toronto is an essential component of keeping the house cool during the summer months, and warm during the winter months. This is because the drastic changes in temperature between seasons can amplify the effects of heat entering or leaving the home, thus making roof insulation in Toronto a must–have. Home Insulation is ready to provide quality and professional roof insulation in Toronto and other nearby regions—just call us today and let us instantly improve the state of your home through our expertise.

Heat migration is the result of heat traveling through roofs, ceilings and walls; this can occur through convection, conduction and radiation. All three of these processes allow heat to get into the home during the hotter months, and out of the home during colder months—both being undesired effects caused by heat migration. Heat migration causes heating and cooling systems to be overworked, and generally reduces the effectiveness of temperature controlling measures within the home.

This is where roof insulation can be helpful in improving the situation. The primary function of insulation is to prevent heat migration through heat conduction resistance. Why the roof? The roof is where the heat enters the house as it is closest to the source (the sun) and is also where heat escapes from the house, due to the tendency of hotter air to rise in the atmosphere. By drastically reducing the amount of heat transferred from the roof into the house, or heat escaping via the roof to the outside, the temperature of the home will remain optimal despite the outdoor heat or lack thereof.

Roof insulation addresses the issue of heat migration at one of its main conduits, thereby improving heat conduction resistance efforts throughout the rest of the house. Roof insulation in Toronto has never been easier. Contact Home Insulation for all your roof insulation needs and make your home more comfortable today—we’re the very best in home insulation services.

High Quality Roof Insulation

Roof insulation plays a key role in keeping a comfortable temperature inside your home. Since hot air rises, most of it escapes through the roof. This is why proper roof insulation can make a huge difference in keeping hot air inside your home. Not only will professional roof insulation help maintain the temperature inside your home at equilibrium, but it will also help save money on your utility bills. By creating a thermal barrier and not allowing warm air to seep through the roof in the winter and cold air to seep through the roof in the summer, the furnace and AC will no longer need to work as hard. On average properly installed roof insulation can help owners save up to 20% on utility bills.

Insulation is rated in terms of R-value. R-values indicate the resistance to heat flow, therefore the higher the R- value the greater the degree of insulating effectiveness. The R-value depends on the roof insulating materials that are being used, their thickness and their density.

Insulation provides resistance to the flow of heat. Heat always flows from warmer to cooler areas. Therefore during the winter it flows from the heated areas of the house to the unheated ones like the attic and the roof and during the summer it flows from the outside into the house. By providing resistance to the natural heat flow, insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

If your utility bills keep rising and your furnace and AC are working at full strength in order to maintain a pleasant environment inside your home, this might mean that you are in need of roof insulation. We use the best roof insulation materials and have experienced staff. Furthermore we keep the cost low and although roof insulation requires you to spend extra money, it will help you save money in the long run. Call us today for reliable roof insulations for your Toronto residence.