I need my old insulation removed before I have it replaced. Can you do that for me or do I have to hire someone else?

Removing old insulation is a service we happily provide our customers with. If you simply want to upgrade your insulation then it will need to be removed before new insulation is put in. However, upgrading your insulation for energy-saving benefits is not the only reason people need to have their insulation removed.

There are several reasons why someone would need old insulation removed and replaced. Traditional insulation that is cut and set into a wall, on a ceiling or in a floor does a poor job of keeping away insects and animals. Because of this infestations can occur and the best way to prevent the problem from happening again in the future is by removing the traditional style insulation. Because traditional insulation is unable to cover every crevice and crack insects and animals can easily squeeze in between insulation panels. This type of insulation also provides suitable housing for some pests. Squirrels and rats for instance will even make nests within traditional insulation.

Mold and aging is a common problem with traditional insulation. Because this type of insulation does not repel water it is more likely to mold, hold water and deteriorate. As it deteriorates it becomes less effective and more dangerous to the indoor environment. If left untreated, this problem can spread throughout a wall, ceiling or floor.

As well as water damage, fire damage is a reason people need old insulation removed. During a fire sections of a wall’s, roof’s or ceiling’s will burn and become disfigured. Before the insulation can be replaced the old insulation has to be completely removed from the damaged area. If spray foam insulation was use the remaining charred insulation will have to be scraped away before can be reapplied.

People who are renovating a home and looking to upgrade to either blown in or spray foam insulation will first need to have the old insulation completely removed. The best way to have this done is to hire a professional team, like us, to come in and safely remove and dispose of the traditional insulation. Once it is removed the home or building owner can then decide whether they want to upgrade to spray foam insulation or blown in insulation. Either one will help save in energy costs and added resell value to the home or building.

The cost of the service depends on the type of insulation that needs to be removed, the amount that needs to be removed and the places within the home or building that it needs to be taken out of. Traditional insulation is much easier to remove than spray foam insulation. Traditional insulation can be pulled off of the wall, floor or ceiling in sections. Spray foam insulation on the other hand, has to be scraped and broken away from the surface it was applied to. With that being said, spray foam insulation requires more tedious work.

We are able to remove any type of insulation. Our experienced team is trained to provide our customers with clean removal of their old insulation. We strive to do this job quickly and efficiently for you so that your renovation/repair project can move along without any holdup.