Insulation Removal by Toronto ‘s Home Insulation

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Need Help removing your old insulation?

Home Insulation offers a variety of services to the homeowner, contractor and/or builder regarding your various insulation needs in Toronto and surrounding areas. With an experienced staff and a history of over 30 years of servicing the Toronto and surrounding areas, Home Insulation will answer and questions or concerns you have and solve any problem you home may have with comfort and quality.

Home Insulation will remove and dispose of any and all forms of insulation. We specialize in Insulation Removal in Toronto. Whether the insulation has been damaged due to;

  • Animal Infestation(ie. Vermiculite/Asbestos)
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold/Deterioration
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Over Insulation (Lack of Air Flow)
  • Renovations
  • Upgrading to Foam

Home Insulation will handle any removal situation with professional care and quality, satisfying all the customer’s needs in remedying their home renovations. With the most powerful equipment on the market, the quality and comfort of your home will be back to exceptional levels in the blink of an eye.

Whether your old insulation is damaged, contaminated or just not suitable anymore, Home Insulation can provide you with quick and clean insulation removal in Toronto. Our service will remove and dispose of old insulation without hassle and disturbance to your living space, all done in a timely and efficient manner. For quality, professional and efficient insulation removal in Toronto, you can trust Home Insulation.

There are many reasons you may require professional removal of insulation from your home or business facility: water damage, insect or rodent infestation, mold, health and safety concerns, or maybe it’s simply not good enough and you want to install better insulation. Regardless of the reason, the proper removal of old insulation is a careful process that should be conducted by professionals—much like our expert staff here at Home Insulation.

Removal of old insulation can be potentially harmful to one’s health if procedure is not followed. Old insulation materials—which range from foam and fiberglass to newspaper and blankets—can contain many chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Fiberglass can irritate the skin and eyes upon contact if moved or disturbed; toxic mold can hide between walls in old insulation, built–up through years of water damage.

Fortunately, Home Insulation has the equipment and know–how to safely remove all types of insulation, including rockwool, fiberglass and cellulose, batts, blankets or loose fill, no matter where it is installed. The removal process is clean and complete with careful regard to contain dust, fibrous particulate and contaminants; the disposal of old insulation is handled safely through a licensed facility. You can trust us to remove all traces of the old insulation in an efficient and timely manner, allowing you to quickly replace it with new insulation, so as to not disrupt other renovation efforts.

Whatever the reason may be, contact Home Insulation for professional insulation replacement and removal in Toronto and make your home or business facility a safer and healthier place today—we’re the very best in home insulation services.