What do you need to know to be able to give me a quote?

Our quotes are based on three major factors. When determining a price for a job we consider the cost of the material, our labor cost and the accessibility to the area that needs to be insulated. In order for us to give you a quote we need several bits of information as explained below.

  • Square Footage

First we need to know the square footage of the area that needs to be insulated. If you need your entire home insulated you will need its total square footage. This is obviously not including areas that will not be insulated such as a back porch.

  • How Many Rooms

Square footage alone does not give us an idea of the exact layout of your home so it is also important for us to know how many rooms will need to be insulated. You should also indicate to us any hallways or dividing walls that will also need insulation.

  • Are You Insulating The Floors and Ceilings

We highly recommend insulating floors and if you’re planning to do so we need to take this into account. Insulating ceilings and floors not only keeps your home comfortable and more energy-efficient, it also cuts down on noise throughout the entire house.

  • Are You Including You Attic And Roof

We highly recommend roof insulation in addition to floor and ceiling insulation. During the summer your roof is going to be subject to more heat than any other part of your house and during the winter your roof will have to combat against cold winds and snow. Giving your roof an extra layer of protection will help keep the cold air out during the winter and the warm air in, and vice versa during the summer. Insulating your attic puts yet another barrier between you and the outdoor weather. It also helps protect anything that you have stored in the attic.

  • Thickness And Type Of Current Insulation

If we are replacing insulation is likely that there is insulation that will need to be removed. For this reason we need to know the thickness of the existing insulation and what type of insulation of this. Types of insulation include traditional insulation paneling, fiberglass insulation, blown in insulation and foam spray insulation. The type of insulation will determine how much labor will go into removing it. Traditional insulation is easier to remove than foam spray insulation that has to be scraped and broken off from whatever surface it’s been applied to.

  • The Area That Needs Insulation

The cost of our services will largely depend on the location in your house that needs to the insulated. A main room in your home is easier for our team to insulate versus a crawlspace and attic. While we are happy to provide you with insulation in any area of your home the price will differ somewhat depending on the location it needs to be applied to.

We are always happy to answer our customer’s questions. Whether you need more information on different types of insulation or would like to get a home insulation estimate we are happy to take your call.