Why should I have my duct work cleaned? Should this be done often?

Indoor air quality is essential to your overall health. An average home with 5-6 rooms will accumulate as much as 40 pounds of dust annually. Dust not only settles on your countertops it also floats through the air on a regular basis.

The dust in your home can contain toxic compounds. Dust is a name used to describe particles that are both organic and inorganic that collects throughout a home. As gross as it may sound, dust is mostly made up of dead skin cells. This explains why the dustiest rooms in your home are the ones that you live in the most.

The toxic compounds that can be found within dust are things like cigarette smoke toxins and chemicals that you use to clean your home. These are certainly not limited to pesticides. As much as you may think that cleaning your home removes dust, when you vacuum and dust your home you stir up uncollected dust and put it back into the air. This then travels through your air ducts and back out into your home.

Imagine your heating and cooling devices as the lungs of your home. As they breathe in air they are also taking in the dust within your house and breathing it back out. Many allergies can be connected to dust. The more your lungs have to breathe in dust the more your body is subject to reactions such as nasal congestion.

The dander, chemicals and dust recirculate through your home 5-6 times a day. As the dust recirculates it builds up within your duct work. When your duct work becomes clogged it is unable to clean your home’s air properly and it will begin to harbor contaminants that can cause serious respiratory health conditions including allergies.

Annual duct work is sometimes forgotten about by homeowners because its buildup is not out in the open for all to see. It’s best to change filters on a regular basis so that the buildup does not continue and create further problems for your ductwork and your own health. It is always best to have ductwork checked by a professional.

You can always notice the signs of clogged duct work pretty easily. If you notice that your home is dustier than average or that your family is experiencing congestion not related to a cold, these two signs are big red flags that your ductwork needs attention.

Once your ductwork is cleaned by a professional you will notice your home is much cleaner and less dusty. If anyone from your family suffers from allergies you may notice that they are experiencing relief because the irritant in the air is gone. In the long run you also notice that your equipment will need fewer repairs. The more dust that is allowed to build up the harder your air ducts have to work.

Remembering to maintain your ductwork will not only improve the health of your family will also save you money in the long run. The annual maintenance of changing filters will help you live more comfortable in your home. It will also save you money and cleaning supplies, doctor’s visits and congestion medicines.