Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning

Imagine the dust that would have accumulated in your home if you hadn’t cleaned it for five, ten years, or even longer. Now imagine how much dust, dirt and debris must have accumulated in your home’s air ducts—a place your vacuum cleaner can’t reach! If your home fits that description, then give us a call—we can help. For duct cleaning in Toronto, look no further than Home Insulation—the very best in home insulation services.

Dust can be a constant nuisance in our homes if it is not addressed regularly: large amounts of dust can heighten allergic reactions, cause ventilation systems such as air–conditioning to malfunction, and even become a fire hazard. Whereas build–up of dust within the living areas of the house can be rectified through vacuuming and diligent cleaning, the danger of dust contained within ductwork is less apparent—but just as real.

Dust contained within ducts, which is sometimes ignored by homeowners due to the unseen nature of ductwork in a home, can actually cause more problems to a home than dust in living spaces due to the increased probability of heavy build–up. Thus, unclean ducts that remain untreated for quite some time can lead to the aforementioned problems—problems that can be eliminated through professional duct cleaning. Serving Toronto as well as nearby regions, Home Insulation is your solution to eliminating dust build up in your home through duct cleaning.

By enlisting Home Insulation for duct cleaning in Toronto, your home and its inhabitants stand to gain many benefits:

Your Home Will Be Clean

If you find yourself dusting frequently, you might be surprised to learn that the source of dust may be your ductwork. It is astonishing how much dust and dirt can build up in ductwork over the years and every time your furnace circulates air, it spews dust and dirt into your living spaces. Removing this dust from the system dramatically reduces the amount of dust in your home, resulting in a cleaner home and less time dusting and vacuuming.

Reduce Allergic Reactions

Do you or a member of your family suffer from allergies? More than 25% of the population does. The most common irritant for allergy sufferers is dust. Having dust–filled ductwork effectively fills your home with the irritant, causing inhabitants to suffer and making the living space uncomfortable. Removing dust from your environment effectively reduces the major stimulus for suffering, creating a cleaner and more pleasant environment for everyone.

Reduce Equipment Repairs

When airflow is restricted by dust in ducts, vents, coils and fans, the air heating/air–conditioning system in your home can become overworked, leading to reduced performance and equipment damage. A clean system operates more efficiently and with fewer repairs; duct cleaning reduces repair costs incurred through faulty equipment created by dust build up.

Reduce Heating Bills

Tests show that clean ductwork can increase the operating efficiency of a forced–air system by more than 40%, resulting in a substantial fuel savings. With properly cleaned ductwork, the energy cost of a two–story home can be cut by as much as 20%.

Eliminate Fire Hazard

Dirty ducts are not only uneconomical and unhealthy, they can also be potentially dangerous to the inhabitants of your home. Ducts clogged with dust encourage fire to spread quickly in the event of an accident. A thoroughly cleaned heating system will decrease this risk—a safer home is a happier home.

For many years, homeowners never gave a thought to having their ducts professionally cleaned. Now, because of the many known benefits, it is a common practice. Duct cleaning in Toronto as conducted by Home Insulation will give you the peace of mind that your home is clean where it really matters. For professional, thorough and affordable duct cleaning in Toronto, look no further than Home Insulation — the very best in home insulation services.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Imagine how much dust and dirt would accumulate in your home if you don’t clean it for a year. Now imagine how much dirt, dust and debris must have accumulated in your air ducts- a place where your vacuum cleaner and mop can’t reach! Homeowners often forget to clean their ducts and don’t understand the negative impacts the dust and dirt that accumulates in air ducts can have. Just because you don’t see inside your ducts doesn’t mean you don’t breathe what comes out of them. Ducts oftentimes contain things like mold, fungus, pet hair, construction debris, food and etc. Allergies, sinus problems and asthma are often caused and intensified by the dirt gathered in your air ducts. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your ducts get cleaned at least once every 2-3 years.

Not only does duct cleaning improve air quality but it also ensures that your furnace and AC operate at maximum efficiency. The duct cleaning process itself is not complicated, however can be harmful to one’s health if the proper technique and equipment aren’t used. Mold, fungus and even dust and dirt can cause respiration problems and even cause irritation.

There are three air duct cleaning methods that are commonly used. They include: steam air duct cleaning, truck mounted vacuum cleaning and point of contact air duct cleaning.

Steam Air Duct Cleaning

Steam air duct cleaning uses high-pressure steam to agitate the dirt and debris from the walls of the ducts. However this is quit an outdated method and since the method involves moisture it is not used on any duct work.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning

Truck mounted vacuum cleaning, which uses a duct cleaning truck to get the job done. Although it is a popular method, industry professionals are slowly veering away from it due to high probability of cross contamination. Vehicle exhausts as well as dirt are drawn into the air while the truck-mounted vacuums are in operation.

Point Contact Method

The third and most commonly used method is the point contact method, which uses a portable HEPA vacuum in order to clean the ducts. This is the safest and the most effective method.

Call us today and we will make sure that the duct cleaning of your Toronto home goes as smoothly as possible. We have all the appropriate equipment to get the job done in a professional and timely manner, leaving you satisfied. Furthermore we guarantee that the duct cleaning will not cost you a fortune, but will be affordable. We offer competitive prices and work within your budget.