What is blown in insulation?

Blown in insulation is made up of recycled materials that are shredded and remanufactured to be able to be easily blown through a hose. Originally, mineral wool and rock were used to make up this type of insulation that was used to fill just about any type of cavity, including cinder blocks. Today more sustainable materials are used such as recycled newspaper, and blown in insulation is becoming more and more popular.

Traditionally insulation comes in the form of a panel that is cut to fit inside or against a surface. It is then secured and covered over. However, even though many homes have this insulation it has been found to have poor protection against air leakage because it isn’t able to fill in seams and cracks. While this insulation is still used today it isn’t necessarily the best option for making a homes or buildings energy-efficient.

Blown insulation has the ability to cover over every inch of a wall, ceiling or floor. Because of the way it is installed it is able to reach into almost any crevice and completely seal a surface. Before it is installed we remove all objects that would not need to be covered over. We then use our equipment to apply the insulation over the entire wall, floor or ceiling, leaving no area for air to escape or enter the home.

Because it is quicker and easier to install, blown in insulation helps save you on labor costs. We are able to install this type of insulation in a fraction of the time, with fewer people and less equipment. It is a misconception that blown insulation is more expensive than traditional insulation because in the long run it is going to save you 100s on energy bills.

How much can you save with this insulation upgrade? When applied correctly by a professional company, such as ourselves, you can rest assure that every place air could possibly escape is covered. Because of our quality of work and the quality of materials that we use our customers immediately see a decrease in their energy bill and the most you are able to save is up to 40%. That’s right! You can nearly cut your energy bill in half.

For those of you who are conscious about the environment blown in insulation is the way to go. First of all, when you are able to save money on your energy bills this means that you are lessening the effect of your carbon footprint. Unlike traditional insulation, years down the road your home won’t need to be replaced with new insulation. Blown insulation lasts much longer than traditional. For this reason fewer materials will be used now and fewer materials will need to be used later.

So if you’re looking to save money, don’t go with traditional insulation. It may be a bit cheaper upfront but in the long run is going to cost you much more money and have a much bigger impact on the environment.