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Home Insulation has the solution for those looking for expertise in attic insulation in Toronto—proper and professionally applied attic insulation, although unseen, is an excellent way to both save money as well as substantially improve the heating or cooling of your home.

The effects of heat migration—the process in which heat travels through walls, roofs and ceilings—is the major cause of lost or increase of unwanted heat in homes. Without proper insulation, heat migration causes heating and cooling systems to be both less effective as well as overworked, due to the lack of ability for the house to contain or keep out heat. As a result, utility costs will increase, as well as repair and maintenance costs for the heating and cooling systems, not to mention the home being less comfortable due to inadequacies in preventing heat migration.

Proper attic insulation has the ability to drastically reduce heat migration through heat conduction resistance—thereby preventing heat from traveling in or out of rooms, making for an evenly heated home and more comfortable environment. Why attic insulation? In Toronto, the drastic changes in climate between seasons makes it necessary to prevent heat migration at one of its major conduits. The attic is where heat migrates from the roof into the ceiling of the house, as well as where heat escapes to the outside during winter. Therefore, proper attic insulation in Toronto will trap heat within or out of the house, blocking the major entryway for heat between indoors and outdoors.

The decrease in heat leaving or entering the home will reduce the workload of heating and cooling systems, saving you money on utility costs as well as repair and maintenance.

Homes with the optimal resistance to heat migration has approximately 14 to 16 inches in attic insulation; if your home has less than that amount of attic insulation, then the heating and cooling systems are working harder than they should be in order to control the temperature of the home. For professional and quality attic insulation in Toronto, contact Home Insulation today—we’re the very best in home insulation services.

Save Energy and Money by Installing Attic Insulation Today

Attic insulation is designed to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. On average around 45% of all heat loss occurs through the roof, which can be a significant problem. Not only does this contribute to creating an uncomfortable living environment, but it also has a significant impact on your energy bills. This is why attic insulation is such a popular energy-saving improvement to your home.

Although DYI attic insulations are quite popular, it takes years of training and experience to know how to install attic insulation properly. The slightest mistake can lead to unwanted air entering or escaping your home, which will ultimately cancel the effect of the attic insulation. This is why we recommend hiring a professional team of workers.

Experienced Attic Insulation Specialists

Most attics are already insulated, but their insulation levels are too low or they simply won’t work like they should because they were not properly installed. We have experienced specialists who undergo mandatory training and can get the job done in a timely and skillful manner. Furthermore the attic insulation will not cost you a fortune. We offer competitive prices and work within your budget.

In order to ensure that hot or cool air do not escape into your attic space, all the cracks and gaps in the building envelope must be located and properly sealed. We use a variety of materials that best fit your needs as well as the most modern techniques to stop any air leaks. Once the building envelope is fully sealed, we install attic insulation. However a key aspect when installing insulation is to have proper attic ventilation. We use specially sized plastic baffles and fit them between the rafters. Not only does this ensure proper ventilation but it also helps avoid any damage from excess moisture and ice damming.

It is our priority to improve your homes energy efficiency and comfort, therefore if you are suffering from inconsistent room-to-room temperatures or if your energy bills are continuously rising, call us and get your attic insulation today.

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