Air Sealing Insulation by Toronto ‘s Home Insulation

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Home Insulation provides professional air sealing in Toronto for those looking to improve the effectiveness of the temperature control measures in their homes. Air sealing, when combined with proper insulation, can make your home more enjoyable and pleasant for its inhabitants by preventing heat from leaking into or out of the house. Air sealing can reduce utility costs and lighten the workload on heating and cooling systems, resulting in fewer repairs. Using proper insulation combined with air sealing will keep the heat out in the summer—and in during the winter.

Air sealing is achieved with a slow–expanding foam used to fill gaps and crevices left after installation of door and window frames. Over the course of several minutes, the foam expands to fill spaces through which air could enter or leave a structure. The foam adheres to most construction materials, creating a permanent, air–tight seal. This in turn prevents the movement of air through gaps and crevices.

By preventing the movement of air through gaps and crevices, air sealing eliminates air leaks which can undermine your efforts to keep heat or out of the home. Air sealing is particularly important around doors and windows where gaps may exist between frames and wall structures; air leaks allow heat to hitch a ride on air, which can sneak in or out of your home through gaps, cracks and crevices. A common culprit are gaps around door and window frames which may not fit snugly into the cutouts provided—not utilizing air seals to close these openings would be like akin to leaving the windows open.

With proper application of air sealing in Toronto by Home Insulation, heat will stay where you want it, lessening the need for heating and cooling systems to maintain the desired temperature within the household. This will reduce utility costs in addition to subjecting the equipment to less repair and maintenance due to heavy use. Air sealing will reduce the upkeep required for your home, all while making it a more comfortable and pleasant place for everyone. Contact Home Insulation today for professional and quality air sealing in Toronto—we’re the very best in home insulation services.

Reliable Air Sealing for your Home

You wouldn’t leave a window open in the summer while your AC is running, nor would you do that during a cold winter night when the furnace is going full tilt. However this is exactly what you are doing if your home is not air sealed. Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is the best way to cut costs on energy bills. Air sealing helps create and maintain a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment without overworking the furnace or the AC.

Air leakage is a common occurrence. One of its the most common causes are gaps around door and window frames which are not snugly fit into the cutouts provided. However although they are quite common, they help air leave and enter your home uncontrollably, which can result I very high utility bills and therefore must be detected and sealed right away.

Air Sealing Techniques

There are two main air sealing techniques. One of the techniques is called caulking. It is used to seal cracks and opening between stationary components of the house. Weatherstripping is the second technique and it is responsible for air sealing windows and other moving components of the house such as doors.

In general air sealing is achieved by using foam that expands and fills the openings upon application. The foam adheres to most construction material, creating a permanent airtight seal. However air sealing tapes are also quite popular and are often used to seal around plumbing vents and to seal sheet goods to various materials.

Air sealing your home eliminates air leaks, which can undermine your efforts to keep heat in or out of your home. Air sealing is especially important around doors and windows because that is where gaps may exist between frames and wall structures.

With proper application of air sealing your Toronto home will maintain a comfortable living temperature all years long. Not only will this make living in your home more pleasant, but it will also save you money by reducing your utility costs. Call us and start saving today!