What is so important about having good insulation?

Insulation is what helps create a barrier between your home’s living area and the extremes of outdoor temperatures. It is one of the single most important features of a home or building that helps it stay comfortable and energy-efficient. Homes that don’t have proper insulation require larger and more expensive cooling and heating devices. These devices have to work extra hard and use up more energy to keep your home’s temperatures regulated. Depending on the type of machine you have, it will either be consuming more gas or more electricity and will in turn be costing you more money.

A properly insulated home provides year-round comfort. Not only will you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but you will also save a nice chunk of change on energy bills. Properly installed insulation reduces heating costs and cooling costs because it eases the load on your home’s heating and cooling devices. Once your home is heated or cooled it is able to stay at the regulated temperature for a longer period of time. This allows your device to take a break and only need to turn back on when a slight adjustment needs to be made to your home’s core temperature.

The more often your devices are able to automatically turn themselves off for a break, the more money you will save. When your home is properly insulated it takes longer for heat or cool air to escape or for the outside temperatures to affect your indoor temperatures. Proper insulation also helps your home change in temperature very slowly. This means that your devices don’t have to work very hard to bring your home’s temperature back to the desired setting. Overall your home’s heating and cooling systems are working at slow controlled rates, not over exhausting themselves and saving energy and money in the process.

In addition to keeping your home comfortable insulation also keeps your home quieter. Insulation is made to absorb sound. This helps lessen the noise that comes from your appliances, television sets and conversations throughout a home or building. Sound is transmitted through the walls and floors, yet when good insulation is installed these noises are more easily kept in their end of the house. For instance, your downstairs washer and dryer won’t be as easily heard from an upstairs bedroom and when you’re planning a surprise birthday party the whole house will find out about it because of paper-thin walls.

Whether you are insulating a home or office building it is always important to keep the health of the indoor environment in mind. Properly installed insulation helps reduce the potential hazard of mold or mildew growing within your walls. It also keeps these hazards from reaching your air ducts were moisture can be easily trapped.

Good insulation is a must-have for an energy efficient and healthy home, or any type of building for that matter. Without good insulation you will be paying unnecessarily high energy bills and possibly risking the health of your family or your tenants.